Audio-visual production

STREAM project disseminates the research and technology projects on water also through the production of audio-visual materials and web streaming of water projects conferences.

The activity (under Workpackage 7) consists of the production of audio-visual material in traditional and interactive format to be used as a support in the e-learning course and in the overall dissemination activities.

“Interactive material” is developed in the form of “webinars”, whereas “traditional audio-visual material” is produced in the form of “videos” to be shown through the website or at the Summer Schools, or to be made available as background material also for the e-learning course.

The audio-visual material includes the following items:

a) 5 videos of 5 minutes to inform about 5 flagship projects on water technologies
b) 10 interviews with water technologies and policies experts
c) 3 webinars to be organised in the occasion of a high level seminar or conference on water technologies planned by other EU funded projects: the interactive webinars give the event access to a larger public and thus enhance live interaction, further access and larger dissemination of results.

Project videos, interviews and webinars are all available online.

Responsible partner: Minerva Consulting & Communication

Pictures from the shooting realized by STREAM in Aarschot-Belgium during a pilot injection realized by AQUAREHAB project.